Sunday, October 30, 2016

Senior Car Care Badge

This was a fun and WORTHWHILE badge for my girls.  I contacted the general manager at Auto Zone and asked if he would be willing to share his knowledge of cars with the girls.  He was eager and flattered by the opportunity.  Dean, was an older gentleman, who has raised two girls himself and he loved the idea of introducing girls to basic car care.  He gladly popped the hood of his own vehicle and explained the basics.  He was engaging and asked the girls lots of questions, adding a bit of science into the mix, including concepts of friction, heat, valves, axles, pistons condensation, batteries, fluid shifts etc.  He held every girls' attention for a full hour.  He approached the talk from a fatherly perspective and the girls really appreciated his time, effort and knowledge.  Dean discussed  safety and quizzed them with scenarios.  He also explained the importance of good car maintenance and how this could affect the warranty of a car.  I offered him an outline of questions which he basically covered without looking at my sheet.  All of this for No Cost, but I insisted he take a $10 McDonald's Gift Card.  

Remember leaders don't forget to look in your community for inexpensive ways to earn your badges.  There is an Auto Zone or auto parts store in nearly every town, don't be afraid to ask for help.  Often times people are excited and enjoy participating.  I sent a letter of appreciation to Dean's bosses and encouraged Auto Zone to offer a New Driver's Car Care class. This would be a great service to the community and a super way to advertise.

Most importantly he told the girls if they ever had a light flash on their dashboard they could come to any Auto Zone and the store could diagnosis the problem with their computer program and in most cases fix the problem for them.  He advised them not to be intimidated by an auto parts store, he is there to help and just because it is a predominantly male visited store not to be afraid to visit if they ever needed help.  I felt this was valuable advice since my Senior Girl Scouts will soon be attending college and on their own.

Prior to Dean' Discussion, my troop met at Mc Donald's next door to Auto Zone.  We enjoyed lunch and talked about the importance of insurance and how to choose a first car.  To see how much they learned and to hopefully review the wealth of information, I created an online quiz which I am happy to share with leaders. 

Here is the link to pass on to your troop members: CLICK HERE
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CLICK HERE to access the answers

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Wednesday, June 8, 2016


My goal when choosing activities is to try and create not only a memorable experience, but a useful end product; something the girls would be proud to give away as a gift or use themselves.  Most importantly I love when an activity instills confidence, creativity and cost conscientiousness in the girls.  There is nothing I enjoy more than hearing, "I can't believe I made this myself!" 

I spent a great deal of time in search of a fun jewelry project ad was thrilled to find 2 on Pinterest which I modified to meet our needs and keep within budget.  Kendra Scott jewelry is all the rage in our area, but that comes with a hefty price tag so I knew if I could find a similar craft the girls would love it!
The girls were able to create a Faux Quartz Necklace, which is very similar to the Danay Platinum Crystallized Drusy Earrings and a Glitter Sparkle Necklace, which looks like the Layden Necklace in London Blue Illusion.

Pendant Bezels in any size or shape you like (Hobby Lobby $2.99/each)
Necklace Chain
A variety of metallic fingernail polishes
Mini Glass Mosaic Tiles (Hobby Lobby $3.99 - $5.99)
Mod Podge Dimensional Magic (Hobby Lobby $6.49) (A Must for craft, a little goes a long way!)
paper dixie cups
Heavy Duty Zip-Loc Baggie

Place mosaic glass tiles in a bag and crush with hammer.  You want to strive for a variety of sizes, but not too large.  I took care of this step for the girls.  I placed a small amount of glass tiles in paper dixie cups for the girls.  My parent helpers placed a thin layer of Mod Podge in each bezel.  The girls then poured the glass pieces into the bezels.  (I did caution them that they were handling glass and to use discretion).  Next, they used a toothpick to sort of place the glass as they would like inside the bezel. Then the girls applied one more layer of Mod Podge filling in gaps and sealing the glass in place.

Then we set these aside and worked on the Glitter Sparkle Necklace while the Mod Podge dried.(Ideally I would give this 2-3 hours, but we only had about an hour and it worked fine.)

When we returned to the semi-dried faux quartz bezels, the girls dotted the glass with their favorite combination of metallic fingernail polish using silvers, purples, blues, turquoises and pinks.  By far Silver seemed to be the favorite so have a bottle or 2 on hand.  I just asked my girls to bring any metallic fingernail polish they had and we had a plenty and a good variety!  The end results were STUNNING!  And the girls loved them.  Be sure and seal the fingernail polish with one last layer of mod podge.

Round Bezels, any shape will work.  (I found at Hobby Lobby 30/$3.99 but these were too small, but cost efficient) 
Necklace your choice or yarn, rope etc
Glitter (Dollar Tree has the best glitter for this project) because the colors are nice and in small packages you can pass out and the girls can use individually with as little mess as possible.
Mod Podge Dimensional Magic
coffee straws to blow out bubbles in mod podge

Pass out bezels with a thin layer of mod podge.  Have girls sprinkle in 1-3 colors of glitter.  Use toothpick to swirl for effect.  Add more mod podge to seal. Viola! Amazing results for very little effort.  This would be great as a ring or magnet for their lockers too.

Because the projects take a while to dry.  My parent helpers cut 2 vertical lines into the side of a dixie cup and placed the bezel in the cup and threaded the necklace chain through the cut lines in the dixie cup so the girls could transport them home.

They all wore them to school the next day and with 30 girls it was definitely a hot topic at school.  They were proud of them and their classmates could not believe they made them.  These would make wonderful Mother's Day gifts too.

 Resource photos:

Monday, April 11, 2016

Cadette Movie Make Badge

Today my Cadettes earned the Movie Maker Badge.  I think I have finally learned I don't have to be hands-on all the time!  It's hard to make this transition from educator to facilitator. However, I learned today that the girls 'can take the bull by the horns' and in effect run their own meetings.  This was great... as I said I facilitated the meeting and then I sat and watched the magic!!!

Movie Maker Badge:  To kick off the meeting I had a Senior HS student heavily into the High School Theater Department and involved in movie production.  He was the perfect guest because the girls could relate to his age, he was highly qualified on the topic of movie making AND he was cute!  A total Bonus at this age!  The girls were mesmerized and probably the most attentive I have seen.

Wyatt Hall's video "The making of Frankenstein" was ranked 18th in the Texas UIL contest out of over 700 submitted videos.  The girls loved watching his creativity.  They watched his short 7 minute video and asked him questions.  He explained how he created the scenes and pieced together the different cuts.  Then we watched several of his "fun" short clips to give the girls ideas on how to make a fun and entertaining video.  Wyatt will attend Chapman College in Orange County in the Fall.  He will be majoring in TV production.  He hopes to one day create TV sitcoms.   You can check out his fun videos on his YouTube page ‘lifesmisadventures'  You can choose a few minute videos to show your girls as examples and inspire them.  He has a large array of videos to choose from.

Of course this meeting was not without some instruction.  I had the girls brainstorm movie and cinematic jobs.  We talked about various film shots, story boards and Shot lists and their purpose per the Girl Guide and Badge requirements. Then I tasked them to make both a storyboard and quick shot list and film a short movie using their phones.  The challenge was to incorporate a Girl Scout value or topic.  They chose Internet Safety.  They were given a hour to create the movie and a half hour to edit it.  The girls worked great together and included everyone!  The movie turned out super and was a funny satire on what otherwise is a very serious topic.  However, I think the film is educational, relevant and entertaining for girls their age.  The most important thing is that they make an impact and a memorable movie.  Finally, we premiered the movie for our parents.  And they were quite impressed.

I did catch myself lending suggestions and on several occasions the girls asked me to stop offering advise and I am so glad they did.  This was 100% their creativity! Created in 1 hour.