Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Hobby Lobby Discount!

This just in... Hobby Lobby is offering a 10% discount on all purchases made with a GS form of payment to include checks or credit card.  Just another reason to insure your troop checks or credit card has Girl Scouts stamped on it.

I just went to the store today to get 18 styrofoam balls to make spiders for our Thinking Day skit.  We are singing Itsy Bitsy Spider (Itzi Bitzi Arana) in Spanish and plan to dangle our spiders from elastic cords.   Being techno-savvy, I always save my weekly Hobby Lobby internet coupons in a file labeled "Coupons" in my e-mail box.  This way I can easily access my coupons at check out and SAVE paper.  The Hobby Lobby cashier simply looks at my coupon on my phone and punches in the special 4 digit code and BOOM I save 40% on the most expensive item (that is not currently on sale).  However, today I forgot my phone at home.  This always really bugs me because I know I can save my troop cash each time I use the coupon and the styrofoam balls were $3.99 a pack and I needed 3.  Errrr!  So I proceeded to make the cashier feel guilty.  Here's the scenario, with a long line behind me:

"Boy sure wish I had not forgotten my phone at home, I had my Hobby Lobby coupon on there.  This is a GS purchase, I have a big troop, every cent counts. (Umm Hum says the cashier) The girls work so hard to accumulate their troop funds.  And then in the end I feel so guilty, if I had the coupon I can save some money and maybe pick up a few more items for them for our next meeting.  They sure love Hobby Lobby and all the crafting items.  Did I tell you I am here every week, sometimes 3 or 4 times a week?"  By now she is rolling her eyes and says, "Look I would love to help you lady but, we are not allowed to supply coupon codes."  And she completes my transactions and then says, "Next time if you pay with a GS check you could save 10%."  "Say what?" I said.  "Yes, just recently we added Girl and Boy Scouts to our discount program that has always been applied to churches and schools." the cashier says.  She went on to mention that if your cashier is unfamiliar with the program to ask for a manager.  Here's the fun part of the story.  "Well hey, I did pay with a troop check, look!" I exclaimed.  "You sure did" she acknowledges, "let me return everything and I am happy to apply that discount."  The 5 patient customers behind  me who have been waiting for 10 minutes, grumbled loudly.  At that point I shrugged my shoulders and looked at the checkout counter, wishing I could hide beneath it.  Just one example of the many things we do as leaders to ensure our girls get the very best experience possible!  That's why you will commonly see me shopping in a baseball cap and sunglasses, hopefully none of my neighbors were in the line behind me!

Share the wealth!


  1. Walmart also will give you a discount card that will not charge you tax if you show them your girlscout check at the customer service center. :)

  2. Awesome! Thank you for the comment. I just bought 5 packages of white T-Shirts there today for GS. You can get 3 T-shirts in a pack for a little over $8.00. I transferred a coloring page on the front using Avery Fabric Transfers and the girls will color them in with craft markers tomorrow night at our campout!