Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Town Hall

Today I took my Daisies on a tour of the Southlake Town Hall.  Well not really a tour... I had hoped we would get to see each room within the large building and maybe say hello to the workers in each department, but the experience was a bit different than I envisioned.  A City Manager Intern led the 1st graders into the City Council Chambers and the intern talked to the girls about what our city does for the residents.  A very valuable lesson in deed, but I will say Daisies lose their attention and focus in about 20 minutes after sitting down.  Moving around really helps with keeping them interested.  Fortunately my girls were well behaved and inquisitive.  So inquisitive in fact, a girl asked the guest speaker how much money she makes.  One girl insisted if she were ever elected she would eliminate all stop signs, they are really just an inconvenience.  I believe I will guide in her into the arts!  When the intern asked the troop how old they thought the Southlake Town Hall is, the answers varied from 5 years to 98 years old.  Sadly I can remember the day they cleared the old pasture and egg farm to make way for the new Town Square.  It was a huge piece of land and the heart of Southlake which stands true today.  To me it feels like the Town Square opened a year ago, so it was really interesting to get a 1st grader's perspective.  Clearly the Town Square is older than all the girls, so in their mind it must be ancient.  Ha!  While this tour was not a fast pace, mind shattering or thrill seeking event, I think it was very worthwhile and I believe the girls learned the very basic notion that our City is here to make every effort to improve their life and the residents.  The field trip helped them earn their Honest and Fair, light blue petal.  I was really impressed that the intern made every attempt in conversation to tie in the value of fairness and honesty.   He taught the girls that whether you are a Daisy, student, citizen or mayor, being honest and fair, while not always easy, is a very valuable character trait.  Just one of the many values Girl Scouts work hard to develop, foster and maintain in our girls.

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