Tuesday, March 6, 2012

2 Q Salon

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Today I took my Junior Troop on a field trip to 2 Q Salon for a Make-Up 101 Class.  We recently completed the Amuse Journey and I decided we were going to have a fun outing before Spring Break.  This adventure was not tied to any patches, rewards or journey.  However, I think this field trip could easily be related to any patch that involves general hygiene or care of the body.  I would not recommend the class to any girls younger than 10 years of age.  The older the troop, the salon can expand the tips to accommodate your age range.  The Q&A session was really helpful to my girls as well because they could ask any questions regarding cosmetics and caring for their faces that came to mind.  The salon is a bit of an hike from the heart of Southlake since the salon is located on the corner of Glade Rd and Hwy 121, next door to the Hobby Lobby store.  However, it was clean and the staff was very friendly.  The staff had chocolate chip cookies and cold Capri Suns for the girls when we arrived.  Debbie, the owner had her daughter, Breanna teach the class.  She is the make up artist for the salon.  And Debbie generously offered the girls free skin care samples including toner and moisturizer from her Rhonda Allison skin care line.  This was the first class they have ever held for a Girl Scout Troop and I could tell they were very excited to meet our needs and thrilled to have the opportunity.  I have found sometimes you really have to think outside the box to find unique field trip opportunities for your girls.  I don't hesitate to call any business to see if they would be open to having Girl Scouts visit.  Really the sky is the limit when looking for different activities.  You never know what opportunities the girls will really enjoy, but I do think every field trip inspires learning.
The class started off by teaching the girls the importance of washing their face twice a day, in the morning and before the girls go to bed.  Breanna then chose a volunteer and washed the girl's face to show the troop how to properly wash your face.  She talked about the various skin textures, hydration and touched briefly on how to avoid acne in the near future.  She also discussed the importance of sun screen.  Then she moved on to talk about make-up at the age of 10.  She explained that while it is fun to experiment with make-up, it is important at their age to use very little and strive for a natural look.  So Breanna applied make-up to each of my girls using a very soft palatte of colors including creams, light pinks and light lavender shades.  She recommended only lip gloss, a small amount of blush and a light dusting of eye liner under the eyes and on top of the eyelids near the eye lash line.  She discussed when make-up is appropriate like for parties, recitals, dances and special events, but encouraged them not to wear it every day at their age.  She reminded them that they have plenty of time to grow up.  The girls really seemed to be intrigued and loved sitting in the chair to have their faces beautified!  I was most impressed with the way the salon related the class to their age and did not promote make-up, but instead discussed the inevitable basics.  I was thrilled to have another "more qualified" adult explain to my daughter that bright blue glitter eye shadow with hot pink cheeks and red lipstick is not appropriate for any occasion at their age and that their faces are beautiful with or without make-up.  Anyone that knows my daughter, knows my drama queen loves to be over the top.  In the past when it came to make-up she had a Picasso flair!  I am hoping after our cosmetic lesson today she has learned a few tips that she can carry and use throughout life.  Even at the most basic level, I think the lessons learned are invaluable.


Cost: $10/girl

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