Friday, April 6, 2012

Jib Jab!

Like myself, I am sure many of you have a large collection of photos of your girls.  They come in handy for some of our projects and are essential to any scrapbooking, slideshows, DVDs or a simple historical journal of your troop's activities.  I have found a new way to use my photos and the girls ABSOLUTELY love receiving my e-cards.  I have been a member of Jib Jab for years now and find their cards cheaper than buying Hallmark cards and much more funny and worthwhile.  And creating cards is super easy.  Anyone with even a little computer knowledge can design a card.  Simply visit

JibJab is an online site for sending video eGreetings. The site allows users to personalize and send  humorous online video greeting cards and features cards for all special occasions.  Registration is required to send eCards on the site. The registration process asks for first name, email address, password, date of birth, gender, country and postal code. Verification of the email address is required to activate the user’s account. The site accepts credit cards (Mastercard, Visa, Discover, American Express) or PayPal for paid memberships. The credit card procedure asks for full billing information and the security code on the back of the card.

JibJab users with a free account have limited ability to send eCards. They cannot send any of the special occasion cards, but can send a number of the items located in the Everyday Fun category and can email links to the site’s humorous videos. For full access to the site with unlimited eCards in all categories, there are two membership options available. The first option is for a 1-year membership for $15.99/year. The second option is for a 6-month membership at $9.99. The only difference in the two plans is the length of the membership.

You can read even more about the site here:

Without a doubt I think JibJab has been a great personal purchase for me.  I send cards to my baby brothers, aunt and uncles, friends and now to even my girls in my troops.  I always get a comment on the cards and most importantly it will bring a SMILE to the recipient(s) face!

Here is my latest card to my girls in Troop #4036 (I made sure I created enough cards to include each and every girl)

Once I have created the cards I simply e-mail the cards to a parent's e-mail address.

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