Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Making Flower Barrettes

My Brownies LOVED this activity, but I think any age would find this fun and easy.  It would be a great party activity as well.  We created flower barrettes for the old Brownie "Art to Wear" Try-It badge which I adapted to the new "My Great Day" badge.  This was a fairly simple project for the girls and a learning experience on how fun and clever crafting can be.  What I liked most about the project is that we created a useful end product.  I love going to school and seeing the girls sporting their new barrettes in the hallways. 

Caution:  This craft requires an electrical glue gun.  I use a product called the Cool Tool.  This is a great investment for leaders, but because of the cost must be shared. This product remains cool and is battery operated.  You can certainly use a traditional hot or cool glue gun, but it will need to be plugged in and the girls may need help using the gun depending on their age which means YOU may be building or gluing the flowers.  Also hot glue guns can easily burn a young child.  You may be able to use the heavy duty E-6000 craft glue, but I have not tried it.  If you get a chance please let me know if it works well or not in the comment section below.  It might be helpful to other leaders.

Begin by asking the girls to cut out 2 pieces of felt slightly larger than the size of a quarter.  I like to use the stiffer heavier felt often found with glitter embedded in the felt.
 Next, hot glue the barrette to one piece of felt.

Then cover with the other piece of felt.

Next remove stem and green back of Gerber daisy flower and throw away.
After removing green back, the front center of the petal can easily be removed as well (throw away).

Now glue all the piece of the flower back together.
Add a pretty gem of your choice to the center of the flower.
Glue the felt barrette to the back of flower.
Easy... Peasy!
You can even allow the girls to easily embellish the flowers with a clear glitter paint.  Just hand them a small paintbrush and let them go to town.  Caution:  some girls cannot get enough BLING!

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