Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Survey Monkey

Well it's about that time again... Early Bird Registration!  Really, are you serious?  How can it be?

My Junior troop is aging and moving up to Cadettes next year.  And as you well know aging brings about many challenges for leaders.  How do you keep them interested and involved?  How do you make GS cool and hip?  How do you prevent other activities from taking precedence?  There is no real solution here.  The sad fact is girls at this age begin to develop an allegiance to one or more after-school, extra-curricular activities which is really all their time allows.  The younger girls tend to dabble in various activities trying them on for size like softball, dance, gymnastics etc.  By about Middle School age the girls tend to direct their enthusiasm to one area like band, choir, drama sports etc.   I hope one of the activities is Girl Scouting and I am doing everything I can to keep my troop intact.  I won't kid you, this is not easy and Journeys have not helped my plight, but keeping the girls involved in the decision making aspect of troop business may be a benefit.  So I  created a Survey Monkey to poll the girls on their preferences.  Their choices will help guide my activities, lessons and event next year.  Hopefully getting their input and ensuring them that I will take in account their opinions will help motivate them to re-enlist!  Survey Monkey is an extremely useful, free site that allows you to create questions and polls your participants on their preferences.  You can create a poll that allows your participants to respond in a variety of ways: multiple choice format, ranking their choices or simply responding with a text answer.  The site then analyzes the data and gives you a clear picture of your participants wishes.  If you are struggling with the issue of retention Survey Monkey may be a useful tool to give your girls a voice and learn what they like most about scouting, so you can guide your event planning to accommodate their wishes. 

Here is my Survey Monkey I have asked my girls to complete:

Maybe my poll will help formulate some questions or inquiries for your girls.

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