Thursday, May 2, 2013

Independent Study Badges

Does your daughter get bored over the Summer?  Encourage her to earn a badge over the Summer.  You can purchase or quite possibly your leader will provide the GS with a patch when you return for the new school year, provided parents validate that the tasks were completed.  Please be aware the badge activities listed when you click the links are merely suggestions and can be adapted to meet your needs.  However, it is recommended that at least ONE task be completed in each activity set.  Of course, if your daughter is really enjoying a specific learning experience she can complete as many tasks listed.  These badge activities have been suggested by various councils and are not necessarily specific to our council.  As a result patches may need to be purchased via a 3rd party patch company.

On Line (3rd Party) Patch Resources:
Rather than re-writing this information for your parents you can e-mail this blog link, copy and paste the text (links may not be active) OR print this form and hand out to your parents.

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