Wednesday, July 10, 2013

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If you have not had the opportunity to have some fun with Thumbprint Art, make it a priority this year! Also this is a great diversional activity when it rains or your original schedule does not pan out.  You know... we have all had those weeks when the best laid plan falls through and you are worried you will be left with a group of girls staring at you.  After all games are great, but it is nice to have other diversional activities.  Well... thumbprint is art is simple, inexpensive and really a lot of fun!

Several years ago I purchased this book, Ed Emberely's Complete FunPrint Drawing Book.  It has been invaluable in the course of leading.  The girls love sifting through the book for ideas and often I make copies to distribute to the girls making it very easy for them to reproduce some of the designs.  They can use the designs to embellish a book or journal cover or they can create a landscape picture.  A couple of stamp pads in fun colors, paper and thin markers and BAM!  Instant Fun!

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