Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Cadettes: Netiquette Badge

Cadettes Netiquette Badge

I did nothing earth shattering with my girls to earn this badge, it was an open discussion forum. Typically my girls do not like discussions of any kind.  However, I was pleasantly surprised the girls had a lot of input and helped to guide the topics.  My biggest challenge was keeping them focused and limiting the endless stories.  We covered several key components: 

Ownership of electronical devices - all devices are owned by parents until the age of 18 and parents have the right to limit or deny their use

Misconstrued texts

Example of texts that can prove to be dangerous

How texts and internet relationships can be beneficial

New apps that deceive parents - downloading free text apps and hiding conversations

Snapchat - new app much like Instagram or Facebook, but deletes comments and photos after 5 seconds giving the false perception that the conversations or photos cannot be saved.  Kids have learned how to save the texts and photos.

Accidental texts (or as the girls call it: butt texting) and auto-correct spelling issues

Do 's and Don't of blogging

Impersonation (create a Dream Instagram profile) - giving girls a quick realization that you can be                     anyone on the internet, you should always be true to yourself and NEVER create false profiles

Cyber-bullying - It only takes 2 girls to stand up for a victim in a bullying situation to END the negative behavior!

Following our conversation I had the girls make their own list of the Top 10 things to remember about the internet and safety.  We compiled a list from all the girls and it was read on the morning announcements at their school.

Finally, they each signed the GS Internet Safety Pledge and a copy was given to each parent.

Notes and Hand-Outs.  You can download and print your own copy of these files here:

Netiquette Notes
GS Internet Safety Pledge
Email Etiquette Quiz
Dream Instagram Account
Cyber Bullying Quiz 3
Cyber Bullying Quiz 2
Cyber Bullying Quiz 1
Auto_text Fun 

If you download my files please list your troop #, council and state in the comments area.  I love for readers to see all the active leaders in the area looking and sharing resources! Also this keeps me inspired to continue updating my posts!


  1. Please send me pdf. creech03atcoxdotnet
    thanks so much

  2. My troop usually prefers hands-on badges, but this was a very timely badge for my girls and I think they enjoyed sharing their experiences and learning from each other. Thanks for sharing the handouts. They really helped keep our meeting focused.

  3. This blog is completely awesome!!! I am taken aback by how good it is. First, women (girls) run the internet. They read netiquette rules on my site and share them. A glance at the Alexa information regarding my domain makes this clear. That may figure into your girls interest in the badge. However, I think you great examples are what made the discussion work. I learned some new netiquette about texting from blog. Great job!!!

  4. Could you please send me pdf file with this info. My cadettes I have 5 are getting ready to work on this badge.

    my email is

  5. Could you send me the pdf of this file too? It's excellent!! Our troop is entering sixth grade next month and this would be great to do with them!

    my email is

    Thank you!

  6. Could I also get a copy of your pdf file? This is a great place to start the year with my girls.

    thanks, Katie

  7. This looks so great, could you please send me the PDF file too!!

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  9. I so needed this right now! It will be perfect for our badge sleepover. Thank you.

  10. It's leaders like you Amy that keep me posting! Take Care!

  11. Hi my name is Beth Cursi ~ we are from Troop #1710, Citrus Council - Orlando, FL. Thanks so much for the activities! I let another leader borrow my guidebook, so I would have been lost at tonight's meeting without your help.

  12. Troop 1820 in Waverly, TN - Middle Tn Council

  13. Thank you so much for sharing these helpful tips and resources! The girls in my troop know a lot more than I do about social media but they still have a lot to learn about kindness, safety, and being true to themselves. We're working on this in the context of our MEdia Journey. Also just did a great tour of a local TV station. The tour guide talked with us about the importance of their "media presence" and how that can affect college and job prospects. Great stuff! Jill, Troop 2455, Central Maryland

  14. Thank you From Troop 27356 - Girl Scouts of San Jacinto, TX

  15. I'd like to suggest a tool called Off the Grid
    It's a box that comes with a set of cards. The idea is everyone puts their phones in the box, and takes out the cards which have questions about social media, online safety and responsibility. Some troops in my area have used it. It is meant for families as well.

  16. Julie, Troop 7156, GSGLA/California

  17. Thank you from Delaware / GSCB

  18. Thank you from Troop 4667 in Texas