Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Glitter Ornaments

In 2013 my girls in both troops elected to do a service project and provide each staff member at their school with a hand-made ornament.  I was able to find clear, PLASTIC ornaments at Hobby Lobby for half off the original price.  Each ornament cost $0.48.  It cost my troops under $50 to make 80 staff members a glitter ornament.  And of course every girl made an ornament to take home as well.  While an easy, fun project this required each girl to make 4-5 ornaments.  We collected our ornaments in a large tub and delivered them to each of the teachers on their party day.  

As I mentioned the project was fun and easy and the teachers were really impressed by the beauty of the ornaments.  Here's how we made the Glitter Ornaments:

Items Needed:
Plastic Ornaments (any shape will do)
1 bottle of Pledge Mop-N-Glow or equivalent (I found a generic floor polish at the dollar store) 
Glitter Packets or dixie cups filled with a small amount of glitter
Dixie Cups filled with small amount of Mop-N-Glow

Pour a very small amount of Mop-N-Glow into a Dixie Cup.  Be sure and caution the girls that this is a chemical with a very strong odor.  Girls are not to inhale or smell the product.  They should wash their hands if the Mop-N-Glow comes into contact with their skin.  They should avoid wiping their eyes or mouth during the making process.  My girls were very careful, but for the younger girls gloves might not be a bad idea.  Also I would avoid getting the product on anything.  It will create a glossy surface.  My girls did the entire project standing over large trash cans to collect the spilled Mop-N-Glow and glitter.

Process:  Remove the metal ornament plug.  Simply pour a small amount of the Mop-N-Glow from the dixie cup into an ornament.  Twist and move the fluid around to cover the inside of the ball.  Pour out any excessive liquid.  Pour in glitter and QUICKLY move the glitter to the top of the ornament in a spinning motion.  Replace the metal plug.  You are Done!
Consider adding a sticker to the front of your ornament and a ribbon to hang it from the tree.  I printed out address label stickers that read, "Made by a GS Brownie in Troop #4005, Christmas 2013."

I was lucky enough to find small glitter packets at the dollar store (6/$1) which made this project extremely easy.  I just snipped the edge of the packet and the girls poured in the glitter.  The packets had the perfect amount of glitter to complete one ornament and came in an assortment of amazing colors.

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