Saturday, January 25, 2014

Cupcakes & Lace, A Great Resource for Leaders!

My blogging adventure has been a steadfast attempt at sharing ideas and helping other leaders.  I am always happy to share websites, resources and advise that I hope will help other leaders and make your task of leading a little easier.  Leading can be a daunting challenge for the "newby" and "seasoned" leaders alike.  We are always searching for great ideas!

I have had the joy of meeting on-line, not officially in person, a wonderful young lady and entrepreneur.  Devon O'Neal has deeps roots in the Girl Scouting world and she is a true inspiration to our girls.  She took her love for Girl Scouts and crafts and created a business designed to offer girls activities and leaders an easy way to earn badges.  Her site is called and may be just the answer you are searching for when you need to complete a badge, but are fresh out of ideas.  Please add her site to your growing Girl Scout bookmarks or Pinterest Boards.
So here is my interview with this savvy young gal:

Devon what did you like most about the Girl Scouts?  I love the fact that there is a long standing organization just for young girls...a group where a girl can build lasting friendships and character, help others in need, and learn how to be creative and resourceful.  

How and why did you start this small business?   I had always loved working with kids and when I was a Girl Scout in High School I earned my Girl Scout silver award by hosting "Brownie badge days" with my troop.  (We would have large groups of brownie troops come from around the area and we would help them earn badges by crafting, sewing and cooking!)  I officially started Cupcakes and Lace while still studying Fashion Business in NYC.  I liked the concept of the badge workshops and decided to turn it into a business by providing summer camps for Girl Scouts while still in college.  From there my business has transformed into crafting workshops, camps and birthday parties, craft/sewing kits for kids and patch kits for scouts.

What motivates your creativity?  The young girls I work with are probably my biggest motivation and spark my creativity every day!  God's amazing creation and blessings, my family and friends, and my everyday adventures and travels are also a big part of my creativity.  

I see that you serve the New Jersey and Virginia area, how can leaders in Texas or other areas of the country take advantage of your programs?  For anyone outside of those areas we have craft/sewing kits for girls as well as patch kit programs all available on our website.  Our kits are all kid tested in our live workshops.  They are great for troop meetings or events.  Our blog also offers advice and craft projects to work towards badges.  We even have videos on the blog teaching SWAP making and crafts!

What can you offer leaders?  The leaders would really enjoy our patch kits!  They are a great resource for leaders.  Girls will learn something, craft something, enjoy a fun themed snack and earn a fun patch!  They all come with an easy supply list, instructions, pictures etc.  We also have a free leader resource--our blog!  We offer crafts, badge project ideas, SWAP making crafts, DIY videos and more.

Please share with us any other tidbits of information you think my readers would enjoy:
My website is   On there you will find the patch kits, blog and more!  I really hope to make a difference in the lives of young girls and help them grow in successful women.  I encourage anyone to take a look around our website and blog, make comments, offer advice and enjoy.


  1. Thank you for sharing this! I love your blog! I live in Union County NJ and will be sharing this website with my co leaders of Girl Scouts!

  2. Thank You Tina! It takes a village to lead these days! We learn so much from one another. What I am finding is that there are tons of great resources out there for leaders we just need a way to find them and post them. I am hoping my blog will help with that.

  3. I stumbled on Cupcake and Lace a few days ago - and just love their ideas! I think our girls will be doing a back to school spa party this year!: )