Thursday, January 23, 2014

Thinking Day Ideas 2014

With World Thinking Day fast approaching this is the time when leaders are securing the countries their troops want to represent.  With that in mind I would like to offer quick tips on the countries I have represented in the last few years so if you are hard pressed for time you can just steal ideas!  And as you all know that is fine with me!  If I can make one leaders day easier then I am happy!

Swaps - Safety Pins with red, white and blue beads to mimic flag use return address labels to print out                   Troop # and Country and attach to safety pin
Food - French Bread with jam
Apparel - short or rolled up jeans, mary janes, white shirts and leaders sewed felt beanies with simple elastic opening

Swaps - Mezuzah - small plastic test tube (ordered on-line from medical supply, 500 for about $30)                                       with fake scroll (parchment paper with the definition of the word "Mezuzah"                                           printed on it) inside similar to torah capped with wooden cap found at Hobby                                         Lobby
Food -  potato latkes, hummus & pita chips
Apparel - We made graduation caps out of blue, plastic Solo bowls and blue Solo paper plates and                          added a tassel to represent the countries high level of intelligence, scholars and education
Skit - 3 of our girls with Jewish roots taught the girls how to say a Hanukkah Prayer in Hebrew

Swaps - Russian flags made from address labels with the flag printed on one side and our Troop # and country on the other, wrapped around a toothpick
Food - We gave out Russian chocolates which I ordered on-line:      
Apparel - We made and wore Sochi Olympic gold medals to represent the upcoming 2014 Winter                          Olympics in Russia one year (directions for making these are here: 
                  they were asked to wear sweatpants and jacket or red, white and blue
                 and my other troop wore scarves shaped around the face which I found at Walgreens for                        about $5/each another year
Skit - The girls sang "A Russian Child Song" -

Swaps - Mini ponchos made from fabric, used safety pin to attach country name and Troop #
Food - We served Inca Cola in dixie cups.  It is a banana flavored cola that can easily be found on the               internet.  I purchased 5- 2L.  On our table we displayed mangoes with the "Peru" sticker I                       found at the grocery store.  You could also serve this fruit.
Apparel - The girls made ponchos out of fleece.  I purchased 1 yard of fabric for each girl and they cut               out a hole for the head.  Some of the girls cut fringe along the bottom edge.
Skit - We made cute little spiders out of styrofoam balls I spray painted in black.  The girls attached                  black pipe cleaner legs and googly eyes.  They attached elastic to the top of the spider so they                could bounce the spider as they sang "The Itsy Bitsy Spider" in Spanish
Itzi, bitzi araña, 
tejió su telaraña. 
Vino la lluvia, 
y se la llevó. 
Salió el sol, 
se secó la lluvia. 
Y Itzi, bitzi araña, 
otra vez subió.

South Africa:
This year we intend to represent South Africa which should be a lot of fun.  One of my Cadette's father is a British decedent from South Africa and will talk to the girls.  Also I have a travel agent from Africa that visits often scheduled to talk to the girls as well.   

Swap - Jungle Candy (Oriental Trading Company $13.50 for 144 individually wrapped pieces)
              CLICK HERE
Food - Bilatong, a salty beef jerky
Apparel - traditional African head wrap (brightly-colored scarves from Wal-Mart)), hoop earrings (if the             girls own a pair)  large wood beaded necklace and bracelets
Skits - have been removed from our WTD event due to time restraints

Switzerland - 
Last year my Junior Troop represented Switzerland and the Girl Guide/Scout World Center, The Swiss Chalet.  This year my Brownie Troop has decided to man this table.

Swap - Last year we made adorable Swiss Cocoa cups of hot chocolate using large marshmallows.  We             used small pieces of pipe cleaner for the handles and a marker to color in the hot chocolate on                 the top of the marshmallow and a small wisp of cotton glued to the top to mimic whip cream. 
            This year we plan on handing out cosmetic wedges to look like Swiss Cheese with a safety pin               attached. 

Food - We gave out original Nestle Candy Bars which originated in Switzerland.  You can order them                 online CLICK HERE
             This year we will serve swiss cheese

Apparel - I always find apparel tricky.  With so many girls it is hard to count on them having items at                 home so it much easier for me to provide the items.  Last year my girls tried to look like Girl                   Guides and they wore a khaki colored t-shirt with a red bandana much like the GG their age                    wear in Swiss.
            This year my Brownies will be making a Swiss Shirt.  They will use an erasable fabric marker                to trace a large "+" on their shirt.  Then we will use painter's tape and line up on the drawn                   lines.  Next, the girls will paint the taped in area in white with acrylic paint using a foam brush.               Finally the tape will be removed.  The shirts should look like the Switzerland flag.

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