Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Girl Scout Gab

Girl Scout Gab is an active FACEBOOK leader page that encompasses all things Girl Scout.  You can learn so much about protocols, activities, ideas and virtually anything about Girl Scouting on this page! It is a wonderful resource.  It is also a good place to voice your opinions.  It is my hope that GS-USA reads this page and listens.  Often times leaders voice concerns about occasional issues in Girl Scouting. You can offer support to other leaders all over the country tackling tough situations and offer solutions to common problems.  You can identify similarities and differences amongst the various service units and councils.  My biggest complaint about Girl Scouting is that while we enjoy the freedoms of running our councils, units and troops our own way, there is very little consistency.  And even more willingness to share ideas.  I think state councils would benefit hugely from annual meetings to discuss what works in their area and what doesn't.  For instance most councils have an early pick-up cookie day(s) where girls can get their cookies prior to their initial order.  The San Jacinto Texas Council has a DRIVE-UP cookie pick up day.  This is BRILLIANT!  Girls can come to a location and the 12 cases of cookies are loaded right into their car.  Sure beats our system where we wait in long lines with dollies to transport our cookies back to our cars a 1000 ft away.  What if the council developed an app to check out cookies?  Now this would be cool!  We would save lots of trees by removing the current triplicate paper system.  I am filled with ideas, but actually implementing them is the real challenge.  However, I think with a little ingenuity we could really streamline the cookie business.

GSG is a Closed Group where ADULT Girl Scout Leaders can trade ideas, swap stories, and vent if necessary.

If you are a SCOUT and want to join a group you can swap stories with other scouts, please join Girl Scout Gab - for Girls:

Please live by the Girl Scout Law when making comments and posts...

If for some reason you are not directed properly , simply search Girl Scout Gab in the search box.
Furthermore the administrators make this caution:

I love how we all share our opinions -- and yes they are opinions. We should all respect each other, watch our language, speak appropriately, and respect others (including other volunteers). We are all Girl Scouts and should uphold the GS Law and treat others how we would like to be treated. When you get together a group of women (and this group has over 2000) we are never all going to agree or understand how each council works. Isn't that what makes this group unique? We can share ideas, what works/what doesn't work, and discuss it in a polite way without name calling.

As I tell my troop members...in life we may not get along with everyone, we may not want to hear their opinion but we should ALWAYS treat each other with respect and speak appropriately.

It is very easy to become emotionally fueled by some of the posts & responses.  I would like to think this is only the case because we have a  passion about Girl Scouting and we only want the very best for the girls and the organization!

Recently a leader posted a photo of a hand-made shadow box she made for one of her "retiring" ambassadors.  It is so beautiful and a true gift!  The inspirational words are sure to remind this girl scout of her scouting days.  The hand-made nature of the gift makes it even more special.  All too often these days, we run out to "buy" gifts when the best ones still come from the heart!  There is no doubt her leader's kindness, enthusiasm and dedication will encourage this girl to one day become a leader too. And so the circle continues...

Special Credit given to Mary Small Vertanen the author of the beautiful poem above.


  1. What a beautiful and truly special gift!

  2. I love the Girl Scouts Gab FB page. AND this blog! I have posted it on my GS Betsy blog today, on a new page, which will probably show up soon. May I also suggest the Outdoor Journey Project site. We are working to get more official Outdoor Program and badges back into Girl Scouting. Come check us out. Our website is here: http://outdoor-journey.com/ and our FB page is here: http://www.facebook.com/groups/outdoor.journey/. We'd love to have you! I signed up for this blog today, and I'm looking forward to your postings. Thanks for doing it!