Monday, April 6, 2015

Scribe Junior Badge

In preparation for our BIG Emmy Awards ceremony for earning the Amuse Journey, I decided to tie in the Scribe Badge because I wanted the girls to complete their invitations and write a short speech to thank the guests that attended the ceremony.  The girls were asked to write a few sentences about what the Journey or Girl Scouts mean to them and thank those who attended the ceremony on their behalf.  They could also include their favorite Amuse activity and why.  The speech also offered the girls a great opportunity for public speaking.  It is not easy at their age, or any age for that matter, to get up in front of a large group of people and be the center of the attention for a few minutes.  I was very proud of my girls at the ceremony.  Each and every girl stood up with an air of confidence, spoke loudly and made eye contact with our crowd of nearly 80 people!  It was a beaming moment as a leader and a clear indicator that we are molding female leaders of tomorrow.  Although we talked a little bit about what to include in the speech and I offered some tips on how to write a successful speech, I wanted to have a meatier experience to earn the scribe badge so we played some word games.

All who have read my blog know I have a large troop and for this reason I have to be a bit creative in managing activities.  Often times I create centers, stations or teams to help give every girl a meaningful experience and to help myself and my co-leader and volunteer moms address all the girls' needs.  This badge was no different I divided the girls in to 4 team with about 6 girls at each table.  Each table was given an activity and then we shared our activities with the group.  While I thought all the activities were really fun, "the grass is always greener on the other side" and some girls were disappointed they did not get to do the other activities.  If you have a smaller troop yo may be able to allot 15 minutes for each game and play them all.

Traditional Password Game Show - This is an oldie, but goodie!  If you can't remember how it is played here is a quick refresher:
  1. Break up the girls into pairs.  One player tries to guess a given secret word based on clues offered by his or her partner.  The partner can only say one descriptive word and the player must guess the secret word.  If the clue-giver inadvertently says part of the word, they lose a turn.  In the traditional game shoe the rounds are timed and hen the time is up, the team with the most points wins.  In my GS version, the girls just enjoyed trying to figure out each other's secret words based on the descriptive clues given.

My Most Favorite Thing - I handed each girl an index card and an unusual or odd item and asked them to creatively pretend that this is their "Most Favorite Thing".  On the index card they needed to write down why this item is their favorite and sell it to the troop.  They need to try and be persuasive so everyone will want what they have.

Odd Items:
wooden spatula
lobster claw writing pen
lint roller
pencil sharpener shaped like a tooth
bar of decorative soap
brightly colored knee sock (one)
domino or clothes pin
red dog kong
smooth rocks
you have the idea...

Create a Story:  This game the girls were given 24 word cards and asked to try and incorporate as many words as they can into a story.  They were given specific and totally unrelated verbs,  adverbs, nouns, adjectives, prepositions,  and persons.  The stories they created were pretty funny!

Define It:  The girls were given made-up words and asked to create a definition for each of the words. I will share my words, but you can just as easily make up your own.

We ended our meeting by writing down scripts and creating a segment of the news.  Each group of girls got a specific part of the news to cover i.e. weather, breaking news, fashion, cooking, sports and transportation.  These skits were really cute and the girls had a blast creating them and then acting them.

I am happy to share all of the game cards in pdf format.  You simply print out what you need.  

If you download my files please list your troop #, council and state in the comments area.  I love for readers to see all the active leaders in the area looking and sharing resources! Also this keeps me inspired to continue updating my posts!

Good Luck and have FUN!


  1. Thank you for sharing this.
    Troop #662
    Girl Scouts of Southern Nevada

  2. Thanks for the badge work.
    Troop #5179
    Girl Scout's of Greater New York

  3. Can't wait to play the Define game.
    Troop #369
    Stafford, VA

  4. Thanks for all of the great ideas!
    Troop 3530
    Hornets' Nest Girl Scout Council
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  5. Thanks for the great ideas!
    Troop 3530
    Hornets' Nest Girl Scout Council
    Charlotte NC