Sunday, September 20, 2015

Invisible Thread... for Sewing on Patches.

Those Pesky Patches....

I have offered a helpful hint in the past to use Sewer's Aid to help sew patches on vests.  This product is a sewing needle lubricant that helps the needle move through the fabric.  I have found it to be particularly useful when working with those pesky iron on patches because as the machine works the friction of the needle produces heat and can activate the glue from the iron-on patch and cause your needle to gum up.  This leads to all sorts of problems like breaking of the thread, skipping stitches and bending the needle.  Sewer's Aid can be very helpful, but I found I was having to apply the Sewer's Aid with every patch I was sewing on and quite frankly it was a hassle.

One day I was sewing on 20 patches for several girls and the thread was consistently breaking!  Just by luck, I decided to try a plastic thread.  I had this thread for years and quite honestly have never used it.  WOW!  This invisible thread was amazing.  It can't be seen on the patches and it has the benefit of added durability.  I am not sure what this thread is made out of, but it feels like a light weight, plastic fishing line.  Give it a try and let me know what you think.

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  1. I've been using invisible thread for the last few years, and I found that I can only use it for the top thread since I would get a lot of tangles when attempting to use it on the bobbin. For the bottom (bobbin) thread, I simply use a thread that matches the color of the vest.