Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Junior Drawing Badge

I had planned to have the girls' art teacher as a guest speaker for this meeting, but unfortunately he had something come up and he could not attend.  So I scrambled to get some activities together for the girls.  As usual I went to Dollar Tree to get supplies.  I picked up a large pack of markers for each girl, a nice fine permanent marker, a pencil and a good eraser, poster board and a sketch pad.

1.  Name some different forms of art work that involve drawings?

  • newspaper comics
  • cartoons
  • graffiti
  • nail art
  • tattoos
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2.  I drew a simple cat photo upside down.  I wanted the girls to think outside of the box.  Prior to the meeting, I used an overhead projector to trace the cat with a pencil on the poster board.  When I got to the meeting, I turned the poster board upside down and I used a sharpie to draw the cat.  I drew the cat one mark at the time and had the girls copy my marks on their sketch book.  When we got to the eyes I had the girls turn their papers upright.  The girls immediately recognized the drawing as a cat!  It was a fun twist!

3.  I read 7 tips to improve their drawing.  I asked them a few questions:
  • What are your favorite things to draw?
  • What tips can you offer others when drawing?  
4.  I showed them examples of professional sketches.  I asked them a few questions:
  • What makes the drawings professional in appearance?
  • What can you learn and use from these examples.

5.  We discussed how different paper will affect your drawings:
  • card stock - heavy weight and smooth
  • sketch paper - slightly raised
  • manilla paper 
  • glossy paper - how will it affect drawings
6.  We discussed a used various drawing mediums:
  • overhead projector (many girls had never seen one!)
  • tracing paper
  • graphite paper
They were given simple drawings to reproduce free hand or using the above mediums.

7.  Girl Created Drawing Portfolio - Folded poster board in half and stapled edges.  Girls copied example of graffiti name on the front of their portfolio.  They could copy exactly or embellish.  I created each girl's name in graffiti print using:  http://www.graffiticreator.net

8.  Towards the end of the meeting the girls were encouraged to experiment with everything they had learned.  Also they could color an adult coloring page. I purchased a set of coloring books for $12.95 from JoAnn's Fabric and I used a 40% off coupon to maximize our savings.  (Any craft store carries these new adult coloring books which are very detailed and beautiful when colored.) The sheets were perforated so the girls removed the pages they wanted to color.

9.  Each girl went home with her art supplies, drawings, coloring page in her portfolio.

To View or Print any of the materials above please CLICK HERE

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