Monday, April 11, 2016

Cadette Movie Make Badge

Today my Cadettes earned the Movie Maker Badge.  I think I have finally learned I don't have to be hands-on all the time!  It's hard to make this transition from educator to facilitator. However, I learned today that the girls 'can take the bull by the horns' and in effect run their own meetings.  This was great... as I said I facilitated the meeting and then I sat and watched the magic!!!

Movie Maker Badge:  To kick off the meeting I had a Senior HS student heavily into the High School Theater Department and involved in movie production.  He was the perfect guest because the girls could relate to his age, he was highly qualified on the topic of movie making AND he was cute!  A total Bonus at this age!  The girls were mesmerized and probably the most attentive I have seen.

Wyatt Hall's video "The making of Frankenstein" was ranked 18th in the Texas UIL contest out of over 700 submitted videos.  The girls loved watching his creativity.  They watched his short 7 minute video and asked him questions.  He explained how he created the scenes and pieced together the different cuts.  Then we watched several of his "fun" short clips to give the girls ideas on how to make a fun and entertaining video.  Wyatt will attend Chapman College in Orange County in the Fall.  He will be majoring in TV production.  He hopes to one day create TV sitcoms.   You can check out his fun videos on his YouTube page ‘lifesmisadventures'  You can choose a few minute videos to show your girls as examples and inspire them.  He has a large array of videos to choose from.

Of course this meeting was not without some instruction.  I had the girls brainstorm movie and cinematic jobs.  We talked about various film shots, story boards and Shot lists and their purpose per the Girl Guide and Badge requirements. Then I tasked them to make both a storyboard and quick shot list and film a short movie using their phones.  The challenge was to incorporate a Girl Scout value or topic.  They chose Internet Safety.  They were given a hour to create the movie and a half hour to edit it.  The girls worked great together and included everyone!  The movie turned out super and was a funny satire on what otherwise is a very serious topic.  However, I think the film is educational, relevant and entertaining for girls their age.  The most important thing is that they make an impact and a memorable movie.  Finally, we premiered the movie for our parents.  And they were quite impressed.

I did catch myself lending suggestions and on several occasions the girls asked me to stop offering advise and I am so glad they did.  This was 100% their creativity! Created in 1 hour.


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