Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Making Thinking Day Passports

I have experimented with different ways to make our annual Thinking Day passports.  I would like to streamline the process and make it as easy as possible on myself.  JJ Clark, a fellow leader who also leads 2 troops in my Service Unit, provided her approach to making passports:

"I used a coupon at 40% coupon at Michael's and bought a package of white cards in the card making aisle.  Next I run the cards through my printer and add text and lines so the girls can fill in their personal information.   Folded they make a 4.25 x 5.5 card, when you staple them the correct way, it makes a passport.  My girls decorated the front covers.  This was an extra.  I bought break away lanyards from Staples and they wore them around their necks."
I also included a picture of our passport stamp.  I print them on square Avery labels.  I do the custom design and print at home.  I just insert the clip art and type the name of the country."

Also you purchase the lanyard clips at Wal-Mart and add the paracord.  This is cheaper and easier to store.  You could also print the text and lines on the large labels and stick them in the appropriate places on the passport.  This way you do not have to adjust your margins for printing directly on the white cards.
Avery has a great site to help you print any and all labels by simply typing in the label product number or browsing for your size label:  CLICK HERE
I have created a template similar to JJs that can be easily printed on 8.5x11in card stock( (instead of Michaels cards).
CLICK HERE for template
Simply print out template and cut on center line.  Use construction paper or colored card stock for the cover of the passport and I suggest you add one more 1/2 sheet of paper (or more) to allow additional pages for stamping.  Use a long-arm stapler to secure your passport book at the middle seam.
I have also included a graphic for the front of your passport as well CLICK HERE
Have the girls cut and paste to the front cover.


  1. You may have done this before but we use the $1 store photo albums and each country prints off a card with their information and a place for a stamp. You can find the cards for printing on Then each troop stamps the card before giving one to each scout that is there.

  2. Fabulous idea then the girls walk away with some knowledge too! And photo albums are really easy to find. Thanks Pam for the suggestion!

  3. Do you have the template for the passport you can share?
    My email is
    Thank you! I love your blog!