Friday, January 31, 2014

WTD Website Resources

Our Service Unit likes to open World Thinking Day (WTD) with a flag parade.  Each troop sends 2 representatives to walk the flag across the stage.  In the past I have made the flags, but last year I found a website that has a great selection of flags for an incredible price.  You will be hard pressed to make a flag for their prices.  Check it out:

Need a swap idea, want a template to create and easy and quick passport, need a Thinking Day patch?  This site has everything you could possibly need for Thinking Day:

I like to order stamps for Thinking Day.  In the past I would make a stamp with our country name and Troop #, but it could not be reused by my other troop so this year I ordered one stamp with the country and flag and one stamp that merely says "Girl Scouts #4036".  Having 2 stamps will give more girls an opportunity to stamp passports (you know how much they love to stamp!) and we can use the Troop Stamp any time for deposit slips, cookies, anything.  Vistaprint always has great deals on self-inking stamps and right night if you use coupon code: BIGSALE you will get stamps 40% off which puts each stamp under $5.

If you know any helpful websites to make planning Thinking Day for leader easier, please share below in the comments area!


  1. I discovered a wonderful avenue for learning about a country, and more. Our US Peace Corps has volunteers in many, many countries. Some of these volunteers maintain an online blog or other presence. That's how I got information on our country of Benin, and the volunteer had already created a fact sheet for another troop. We don't want to add to the work of the volunteers, but in many cases, just reading their postings make it a lot easier to know about the country.

  2. Fabulous Information! This comment triggered my memory, many travel agents have info on different countries including brochures.

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