Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Ink, Ink, Ink!

If you are a busy leader like me you probably find it's easier to print out flyers, notes, worksheets, coloring pages, hand-outs, song sheets... you name it, on your personal printer than it is to go to Staples and have it xeroxed!  It comes down to convenience and well in my case sometimes... procrastination!  However, this bleeds my printer cartridges dry!  It feels like I am always replacing my ink!  This can be quite an investment over time.  I have experimented with various recycling companies and actually settled on Costco for the most part.  I liked the fact they simply refill and re-use my old cartridges at a much lower cost than new.  However, I have found a new company I know all my followers are going to love so I am anxious to share this tip!  Next time try LD Products.  The only requirement is you have a little forethought in the process because it does take 3-5 days to receive your shipment.   You will find the wait is well worth it and for the price, I will happily purchase more ink when I get low.  I got 12 cartridges in total: 4 colors x2 and 4 blacks (2 large and 2 small) for $50!!!!  Brand spanking new, all  neatly packed in a nice box, vacuum sealed  and shipped to my doorstep.  12 cartridges at Costco would have cost me well over $100 and new at Staples probably $150!

Plus this company runs a 10% sale often so you can avoid shipping costs as well.   If you need ink now, please use the coupon code SAVE2DAY or SHIP.


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