Monday, October 19, 2015

Getting Volunteers

Girl scout  leaders…your  calendar is full of  awesome, empowering activities  for your troop, but to ensure that these activities are a success, you need VOLUNTEERS! You might have already noticed that the same few parents do all of the  volunteering; and while you  do appreciate the continued help of these die-hards, you know that there is  plenty of work to go around;  and it’s nice to include other parents in scout  life as well. So, whether  you still need a Troop First Aider, Cookie Manager, or just some extra chaperones, we’ve put together 5 simple tips to help you get more parent volunteers:

1) Don’t forget to ask.

Once you have your activities scheduled, don’t forget to ask for help. Since most parents have a busy schedule, ask early and get it on their calendars well in advance.

2) Accept help, no matter how small.

While not every parent can commit to a rigorous volunteer schedule, many of them can commit to helping out every once in awhile. Even if your volunteer spots are filled, create a place for them - this will only encourage more volunteering. :)

3) Make it easy to sign up.

Use technology to your advantage and avoid the dreaded “reply all” emails with tools like SimplyCircle. We make signing up for a volunteer commitment as easy as a click of a button. And you know exactly who volunteered for which event!

Thank you to SimplyCircle who generously contributed to this blog post.  Streamline your communication with parents visit
A GS Leader's Best Friend.

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